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Q and A Session with Karice Bolton

If you haven't checked out Karice Bolton, it's about time you do. Karice is an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance writer and I absolutely love her stuff! To be honest, I haven't read much from the genre prior to The Watcher's (okay and Twilight), but since Karice is a good friend of mine I knew I had to support her and check out her first book from The Watcher's Trilogy. After I read Awakening I found myself itching for more! The trilogy was a quick and easy read, I'll admit I sad when I "turned" the last page of the series on my Kindle.

She is quickly growing her fan base and always thinking of new ideas and stories to write! I'm so thankful that she took time out of her busy schedule to do a quick Q and A session and send in some recipes (Karice also happens to be quite the foodie)! Her recipes will be coming tomorrow, stay tuned!

"I wanted to say thank you to Eat, Love, and Be Merry for inviting me share a fun couple of recipes with you all! I love seeing what comes over on my Facebook page from her blog from a picture she snaps or an awesome recipe she shares with us all, so I’m excited I get to be a part of it. Thank you!!"

Hope you enjoy!

1) What inspired you to write your first book?

We had just been up to Whistler, and I realized I wanted to write a story that made Whistler shine. I also wanted to attempt a paranormal romance that wasn’t over the top paranormal and thought that would be the perfect setting to do so.

2) Coffee or tea?

Coffee all day… Okay actually a Latte too (Pumpkin Spice or Gingerbread), but then I have tea at night…

3) When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

I’ve always enjoyed writing, even if it was something super dry for college! But once I made up mind to start writing novel length stories it was really freeing and I found that I loved the process.

4) What's an interesting fact readers don't know about you?

Well, my latest series has archery in it, and I grew up doing archery with my dad. My parents had an indoor archery range at their business where I practiced a lot. I thought it would be fun to incorporate that sport since I actually grew up with it.

5) What is your favorite book? Who is your favorite Author?

Right now I would say Erik Larson and his novel, Devil in the White City. He really nails spooky, yet it is non-fiction! He’s a great writer, and he lives in the Pacific Northwest.

6) Sweet or savory?


7) If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you take with you?

My hubby and two bulldogs! Okay, I know that’s not what you meant. J Shoot! I’d say…hmmm. I better stick with that one though because everything I’d list I’d have to plug in and that wouldn’t work!

8) What is your favorite food? 

At the moment, Pierre Robert cheese and croccantini to spread it on.

9) What would your ideal fall meal consist of?

I’d say roasted chicken with crispy rosemary and thyme potatoes! But I always change my mind when it comes to food, so tomorrow I’d probably say stew and fresh rolls!!

10) Whistler plays a big role in your first series, The Watchers, is this a place that you frequent? 

We go to Whistler several times a year! I just love hanging out up there. There are so many activities to do whether it’s winter or summer, and it’s a walking village, which makes it that much more relaxing. You pull your car in and never have to look at again until you leave. There’s a ton of restaurants to always try out too. It’s just a special place!

11) Is it difficult to end a series and start a new one? I know I miss the characters from The Watchers! 

It really is! Once I finished The Watchers Trilogy and moved to The Witch Avenue Series, I began missing Athen and Ana, and then I started getting letters from readers who did too! So that’s how the novella idea came about for The Watchers. Now I can still write a little here and there about those characters and never have to completely close the door (at least for awhile).

12) Assuming you've experienced "writer's block" what do you do to get your creativity back into gear?

So far I haven’t dealt with the dreaded writer’s block, but what I always do when writing is get my iTunes going and that probably ensures that writer’s block doesn’t happen. Love my iTunes!!

13) Lastly, what advice would you share with aspiring writers?

Get the first story completed! Never give up and always keep writing. 

Thanks so much for the Q and A session Karice, I am so excited to share a little bit more about you with ELBM readers! By the way your recipes looked delicious, that post is coming tomorrow! Keep up the amazing work and thank you for your friendship! 

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