Monday, May 28, 2012


Fruitive finally opened their doors at the Hilltop Shopping Center on May, 25th and I am happy to welcome a healthy juice bar to the area!

After a great hot yoga session, I decided to drive over and check out Fruitive. I was immediately welcomed with friendly faces, homemade dehydrated fruit, and a sample of their Peaches & Greens smoothie. I decided try a few more menu items and ordered a small vegetable wrap (spinach, black bean salad, mushrooms, onions, and cucumbers with a splash of white balsamic vinegar and olive oil) and The Nobelmen juice (10% of procceeds will go to the organization). Both were fresh and delicious.

I loved the atmosphere. It has the design of a local coffee shop where you could easily enjoy a book or finish up some work on your laptop. You can also see all of the fresh ingredients they use behind the bar which is nice, I'm a big fan of any open kitchen concept!

I had a chance to speak with two of the brothers that own Fruitive before I left, they were both very nice and you can tell that they are passionate about their craft. Meeting them gave me hope that they will continue to thrive and grow. I believe a business is most successful when the owners and team members believe in their product and they definitely do at Fruitive. If you have tried juices before and haven't liked them, you probably just haven't found the one that suits your taste. For example, I prefer a more fruit based vs. greens and herb based juice. If you don't like fresh juice you can always opt for one of their many smoothies.

If you live in the area, pop in and show them some love. If you're driving through and looking for a healthy juice/salad bar, be sure to stop by Fruitive!

The black bean salad was great on my wrap!


Anonymous said...

I stopped by with friends and agree. This place is awesome! Finally we have a juice bar.

Eat. Love. and Be Merry. said...

I'm so happy we finally have a juice bar too! Glad you guys enjoyed it as well. Have a great weekend!