Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dduk Bok Ki

My mom makes me this dish every time I go home and I die for it! Dduk Bok ki (pronounced: duck buck kee) is a Korean snack/street food that is chewy, spicy, and just fun to eat. You can get creative with this dish by adding different ingredients such as ramen, hard boiled eggs, and a variety of vegetables. Below is a good base to start with! Go visit your local Asian/Korean Market for the ingredients and be adventurous!

Dduk Bok Ki (Serves 2-3)
Time: 25-30mins


- 20-25 pieces of Dduk (Korean rice cakes made from a sweet rice flour)
- 1 1/2c of Dashi Broth/Water/Vegetable Stock (Mom made her own broth)
- 2tbsp Seasoned Gochujang (Korean Sweet Red Chili Paste)
Season your own by adding: 1tsp seasame oil, 1/4tsp garlic powder, and 2-3tsp of sugar
- 2-3c of Fried Fish Cake (Odeng)
Slice and boil in water for 5mins to pull out the oil from the fish cake
- 1/2 Onion, Chopped
- 2 Cloves Garlic, Minced
- 2-3 Stalks Green Onion, Chopped
- 1-2tsp Roasted Sesame Seeds 
- Soy Sauce/Korean Chili Powder (Gochugaru) - (Optional, add at the end if necessary)
- Feel free to add any additional vegetables

  1. Add your broth, chili paste, and sesame seeds on medium/medium-high heat. The sauce will become thicker as you cook the dish. Once it begins to boil add your vegetables and fish cake.
  2. Cook the vegetables for about 8-10mins and add your dduk.
  3. Let the dduk get soft and chewy for about 15mins. Ours was frozen, if yours is fresh or defrosted you will not have to cook it as long.
  4. Add the green onions during the last 5mins of cook time and top with sesame seeds when serving! Enjoy!

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