Saturday, April 21, 2012

Trader Joe's Cookie Butter

Movie aside nutella and chocolate peanut butter, there's a new star in the pantry! 

Cookie Butter is amazing, well not so much in a nutritional way, but in "good for your soul" way. The best way for me to describe this sinful goodness is Christmas in a little jar! It's similar to gingerbread /gingersnap cookies made into a delightful spread. You can use it as a dip for your fruit, in smoothies and shakes, with ice cream, on sandwiches and crackers...really, the possibilities are endless.  I can't wait to start playing around with this ingredient!

As the noted on the jar, you just have to try it to understand. So go out and get yourself some Cookie Butter from Trader Joe's! Your waistline might not thank me, but your taste buds will! It's all about moderation right? ;)

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