Friday, April 6, 2012

Luna Maya, Norfolk

A last minute dinner request from a girlfriend lead us to Luna Maya in Norfolk. While this wasn't my first time, I knew the other two would greatly enjoy the food and vibe of this restaurant. It recently moved into a new larger location. It has a modern feel with the exposed bricks and simple furniture. I think it gets a little loud because of the large open space, but it's definitely a cool spot. The food is not the authentic Mexican cuisine one might expect, but it's unique and flavorful.

 I finally got around to snapping some pictures of their delicious food last night and hope they inspire you to create a Mexican/South American meal tonight or stop by if you happen to be driving through the area!

Appetizer: Salsa and Guacamole
The salsa is smokey and flavorful while the guacamole is light and fresh. The guac is little saltier than I would prefer, but I'm going to complain too much because I ate them all!

Drink: Mango Caipirinha
There were several different choices including: Passion Fruit, Fresh Blueberries, and several other varieties. You can taste the fresh muddled lime juice in this Brazilian rum drink and it's awesome.

Entree: Tamales Luna Maya
 I've ordered this entree several times. The tamale cakes, more like a sweet corn pudding vs. the traditional masa, are topped with an awesome heaping of braised beef. The beef definitely helps cut the sweetness of the corn cakes, but if you're not a big corn pudding fan this may not be the dish for you. I personally love the combination of the sweet corn and salty braised beef. Just don't expect your typical tamale when ordering this dish.

 I had seen a press review on their site that said it reminded them of Like Water for Chocolate, and realized it does the same thing for me too! 

I've also had the shrimp tacos (good and spicy) and my husband has tried several of their giant burritos, we've enjoyed it all!

My entire meal was around $27 so it's not exactly a cheap dinner out, but I enjoyed myself and came home with leftovers for lunch today.

Now go get yourself some good eats and enjoy your weekend!

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