Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sugar Plum Bakery - King Cake

Until recently I never even knew King Cakes existed! My friends from New Orleans have raved about the sugary goodness so I just had to experience it for myself. What's up with the baby you ask? Whoever gets the baby in their slice of cake is supposed to have good luck for the year and is responsible for the cake the following year. I was planning on ordering my King Cake from Sucre in New Orleans but completely forgot about it until Mardi Gras. Lucky for me I discovered that Sugar Plum Bakery made them and had a few left that day. I finally sliced into the cake the minute my husband came home from work. At our first bite we were delighted! It tastes like a big, sugary cinnamon roll and it's even better after it's heated for about 15 seconds!

I've never made a King Cake so I can't vouch for any recipes, but there are plenty of highly rated recipes available online that you can try.

Look at that sweet and gooey goodness!

History of King Cakes 

About Sugar Plum Bakery:
They are a non-for-profit organization that employs, trains, and educates individuals with disabilities. Their mission is to "promote the integration of persons with mental and physical disabilities into society by helping them become independent and evolve into working contributing members of our communities." I love when I find a great local business that has heart and gives back to the community!

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