Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Recent Dining Adventures Pt.2

Filomena Ristorante - Georgetown, D.C.

I have to say this was an exceptional dining experience! Our friend Michelle was able to get us a reservation in the back room of the restaurant which replicates the kitchen and dining room of JoAnna Filomena's mother. Not everyone gets to sit in the famous dining room, the guests who often enjoy this spot includes former presidents, celebrities...oh and us!

Calamari Fritti, Salsiccia Alla Griglia (Sausage and Peppers), and a life changing serving of Burrata Mozzarella Di Caprese! It was a beautiful ball of Buffalo Mozzarella with a ricotta center, and the mixture of the two was just blissful.

Pasta: Unfortunately I cannot remember what they gave us to sample, but I can tell you everything was rich and flavorful. I don't think you can go wrong with an order.

Tiramisu, Strawberry Cheesecake, and one of their chocolate cakes

Another tradition the restaurant has incorporated into its experience is the serving of Sambucca or Amaretto at the end of each meal. They brought out two bottles with small shot glasses and coffee beans. We placed 3 coffee beans in our glasses to represent "health, happiness, and prosperity" and sipped them with our desserts. It was a personal touch that really added warmth to the restaurant. Thanks to our friend Michelle for taking us all to the fabulous Filomena Ristorante! We had a great meal and were able to sample several amazing dishes.

The Salt Lick - Driftwood, TX

Delicious? YES! Do I love BBQ? YES! Must you visit The Salt Lick? YES!!!!!! This may be a vegetarian's nightmare, but it is a BBQ lover's dream come true! On a recent trip to Austin for a Bachelor/ette weekend, the Monday crew drove out to Driftwood, TX for a one of a kind experience. It took us about 30 minutes to drive out to Driftwood from Austin, for a car of hungry people it felt like an eternity of vast nothing to get there. We finally spot a giant parking lot FULL of cars and Mark says "I think we're here"...apparently I didn't realize what a happening spot this was. There were busses dropping groups off! I now understand why there is live music, fresh lemonade and popcorn, oh and a B.Y.O.B policy. Luckily our cousin Peter was already there with a cooler of beer and manning a table outside for us all. After an hour and half of enjoying each other's company, kids playing tag, and listening to music, Peter went to check on the status of our table. Well apparently we weren't that hungry because the pager had gone off 30 minutes ago. Thankfully they quickly arranged another table for our large group and on we went!

We ordered the "Family Style" option on the menu which cost around $20/person. It seemed appropriate since were all one happy family of friends and cousins, everyone definitely had their eating pants on this day! The meat and turkey were perfectly smoked, the sausage was amazing, and the ribs were divine. They even brought out some extra sauce which I obviously smothered my entire plate with. The meal was great, but the sides need a kudos too! The meal came with bread, coleslaw, and a potato salad. I couldn't help but have several servings of their potato salad, it was a carb delight! The great thing about this meal was that as long as you kept truckin' on with your meal, they keep bringing more goodness out to the table. After eating their entire BBQ pit (kidding, we left a rib and some sausages for the other guests), we decided it was time to say our goodbye's and have a moment of silence (or again food coma) for our awesome meal. We had so much fun with our friends and family and cannot wait to see them at the wedding! 

Lucky for me, I was able to share this experience with my dear friend Emily!

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