Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Eurasia Cafe and Wine Bar

I finally decided to do a little online research after driving by Eurasia numerous times.  I learned that they are known for their seasonal menus that use fresh local and regional ingredients.  I absolutely love restaurants that support local businesses so I had to try this out.

This past weekend Prince Charming and I decided to have our date night at Eurasia. While the restaurant was a lot smaller than I had expected the interior was clean, simple, and cozy.

To start we had the Beef Tenderloin Carpaccio served with a truffled egg salad and arugula. This isn't for everyone, but it tastes a lot better than you think. The creaminess of the egg salad and the acidity from the vinaigrette was a perfect match to the carpaccio. One of the waiters even stopped by to tell us that he used to come into the restaurant just for the carpaccio before he started working there.

I ordered the special which was a Rack of Boar with a Blackberry glaze and served with Parisian Pommes, Surry Succotash, and Rosemary Salt. The glaze was perfectly sweet while the succotash added a nice salty flavor. The pommes were good too especially when dipped in the rosemary salt.

Prince Charming ordered the Beef Tenderloin with a red wine and thyme reduction which was served with a white cheddar bacon risotto and surry succotash. The best part of this meal was the bacon and cheddar risotto and while it was a good choice, he preferred the boar. One point for me! I always end up picking at his meals after we order.
Since I wanted to blog about this great meal, we decided we had to complete it with a dessert. Upon recommendation from the waitress, we ordered the Local Blueberry Cobbler served with a Honey Goat Cheese Ice Cream.  The crust was great and the ice cream tasted as you would expect.  All of the flavors complemented each other very well.

We will definitely be visiting Eurasia again.  Next time it will be in the company of good friends!

Drinks: Ginger Beer and Guava Nectar Cockatil and a Raspberry Melon Mojito

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